Rhonda34953 rhonda34953
Why no meet and greets? 
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shalergirl shalergirl
There were no meet and greets for the Pittsburgh show either for the end of March.  🙁  Maybe some shows don't offer that.  
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CNorris5005 cnorris5005
I was able to sign up at 9:58am for the fan club and there were 9 meet and greets still available for Pittsburgh. Mine has said pending since then and should change to winner 2 days before the show. It sounds like all 10 passes for each show were snatched up within minutes of the fan club launch. When I signed on most all the shows were listed but were gone minutes later when I checked again. It said they were Available on a first come/first serve basis. 
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skywhitt skywhitt
I think the only meet and greets that they had available so far was for his Stay Country tour and his album release show in Nashville. Not sure about any of the other shows.
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