Kristen kristen
Getting to go to DL’s album release party was one of the coolest experiences!! Was anyone else there?! 

We checked in and a girl from iHeartRadio came up to us and asked if we wanted to meet DL because they had extra passes 😭 I wasn’t prepared lol  FBA5BC1B-73F5-44DF-925B-0E6E3706BE1F.jpeg  E3A643E9-AAA1-46B0-B5F7-6EFBAC324C97.jpeg  DE0AD1F8-A039-4700-95DE-D07A54B96C1F.jpeg
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Daniellemx199 daniellemx199
We went! It was amazing! I wasnt expecting to meet him either but I'm so glad we did! I wish he played more new songs from the cd, hopefully we'll hear more new stuff this tour! 
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